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Social Networking Content

Lesson Eight:

Social Networking Content

Make your life one giant networking event.
Dan Schwabel



Social media is changing the way that people communicate. Its influence is undeniable, but it needs to be managed correctly. Your online presence is a direct reflection of your brand. By learning to use social media, you will be able to increase the presence of your brand and your social network. It simply takes a little effort. 

It’s a Tool

Social media may seem like a way of life, but it is a tool. Like any other tool, there is a learning curve. In order to use the social media effectively, you need to practice. Experiment with different styles of communication until you find the one that best reflects your brand. Get feedback from your friends, and improve with every entry or share. 


Social Media Tips:

  • Clearly establish what you want to communicate.
  • Use attention-grabbing vocabulary.
  • Use stories to engage people.
  • Encourage readers to action.


Everyone is familiar with the phrase “content is king”. It is not enough to simply create content, you have to make sure that it is good content. Your content needs to have a clear point that is relevant to your brand. Once you find a relevant topic, you have to communicate your opinions well.

How to Create Content:


Be relevant: Stay informed on the latest trends that affect your brand. Writing about an old story is not likely to engage an audience.


Use variety: Use both written and video content. Not everyone is skilled at writing.


Communicate well: Make sure that your written content is well written and factual. Make sure that videos are edited properly.


Having social media sites are not enough to set you apart. Almost everyone has a social media account. A useful way to stand out is to create a gimmick. Gimmicks are not for everyone. If you do not want to use gimmicks, it is better to leave them alone. Better no gimmick than a poorly executed one. A gimmick is often a trick or some type of device to catch attention. You typically see it in advertising. Your brand will determine the type of gimmick that would work best for you.


Types of Gimmicks:

  • Humorous
  • Generous (give away)
  • Create mystery
  • Give demonstrations

By using the right gimmick, you will be able to set your brand apart from your competitors’ brands.

Mentions are Important

Social media helps people connect with each other. While it may seem unimportant, you must engage with everyone who reaches out to you. If you ignore people on social media, you are damaging your brand. It is essential that you address every positive and negative mention that you come across. Positive mentions are easy to address. You thank them for taking the time to provide positive feedback, not everyone takes the time to do this. When handling negative mentions, you need to begin by addressing misinformation. You should also apologize if you are in the wrong. Addressing online mentions will connect you with your audience and improve your brand’s reputation.

Practical Application

At a seminar, Delia learned the value of producing content. So, she decided to start blogging and linking it to her social network daily. The only problem with this decision was that she did not have much time to devote to the activity. Still, she was determined to produce content. Delia’s first few blogs appeared without any comments or fanfare. After the fifth blog, the grammar police appeared. Her content was questioned and her writing style shredded. Delia’s blogs were all first drafts; so, much of the criticism was well founded. She did not believe that her writing style would have made much of an impact when she began the endeavor.