Certification in Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Start your digital marketing journey with a 360 perspective and become a high value digital professional.

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Application Deadline 20th Aug 2020

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Why Join the PNJ Advance Digital Marketing Course?

We help you gain comprehensive knowledge and expertise along with different digital marketing disciplines. We believe everyone can learn a high-income digital skill and use it to make a bright future. With this conviction, here are a few reasons why PNJ should be your first preference:

  • Online Classes (learn anytime)
  • Job Guarantee and Career Assistance
  • Top Skills You Will Learn
  • Practical Based Classes
  • Guaranteed Certification
  • Latest Syllabus
  • Email Support
  • 15 days money-back guarantee

Who Is This Course For?

This course is a great skill update for any candidate. Anyone who wants to know how digital sphere functions can join this course. You can be of any age, background, or country. We welcome you to join us if you want to take your family business to the next level, or join a company or brand as an employee or start a business of your own. Even if you have no clue how digital marketing works or you are still giving your board exams you can join this course. In case you are a retired professional who is still passionate to work and earn, this digital course will tell you how to pave your way. The limitation is only in mind.

Advance Digital Marketing Certification

100% Job Guaranteed

For Students

Hola Students! PNJ sharp tech is more than happy to change your life forever with its digital marketing course. You might be a 12th grader, fresh out of college (BBA, B.Sc., B.com, CA, etc.) or postgraduate and beyond you can learn digital marketing from the industry’s best and give your career a new shape. This certificate course will help you achieve your goal and make you a digital master. It will open doors to so many new opportunities and you will get options to choose from rather than settling for what's available.


  • Attend a free demo to understand the industry
  • Learn high-income skills and apply real-time to get results
  • Flexible timing to juggle between school/college classes and digital marketing classes
  • Surround yourself with world-class digital experts
  • Network with other professionals in the same field
  • Get exposure to different brands and strategies used by them
  • Learn digital tools for application of course
  • Get career guidance and be industry-ready with our mock interview sessions and resume workshops.
  • Get live mentorship from digital practitioners

For Working Professionals

If you are doing a full-time job or running a family business or startup then our digital marketing course is the right fit for you to scale it to the next level. You will get deep insights into how these tools act as aids in achieving your goal whereas it’s the unique thinking that gets you the result. The exposure you will get during the course will change the perspective completely. In case of you being an employee, you can make efficient strategies and use your digital knowledge to bring results. In case of you running a business, use digital platforms to scale your business to the next level.

  • Learning the concept and applying in real projects
  • Using tools and optimization process to get results
  • Learning digital terminologies and its application to get new clients
  • Get trained by industry professionals who are running a successful business.
  • Free mentorship from the visiting guests (CEO & CXO)

PNJ Academy Advantage

PNJ sharp tech is a rewarding digital marketing institute that has several benefits to offer to students. Our classes are not about discussing definitions in PowerPoint but work on real-life examples. We analyze the digital strategies used by brands and update students on what’s new in digital. We don’t want candidates to pass out from our institution wondering what to do next? From day 1 we start working on soft skills, analytical skills, and approach. None of our students learn for the sake of learning. We want candidates to learn and implement their digital skills impeccably. Our faculties start not by introducing the basics of digital marketing but what should be the thought process of a digital candidate & what difference they can make once they step in the industry.

  • More than 15 Years of Experienced Faculty
  • Job Guarantee
  • More than 40 hours of Online Training
  • Weekly Q&A Forum and Discussion
  • Weekly Assignments and Expert Feedback
  • Industry Networking
  • Expand Your Professional Circle
  • Career Assistance

What Will You Learn in This Course?

The industry leaders and digital practitioners commingled together to make this course curriculum. From basics to advanced, you will learn all the techniques and tools and will have the chance to implement it in real-time during the classes.

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • WordPress Website planning and creation
  • Content Writing and Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Advertisement
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Tools and platform covered
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Hootsuite
  • Canva
  • Filmora
  • Mailchimp
  • and many more

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Are you ready to be a part of the digital ecosystem? Do you dream about being a part of a hierarchy that produces results for a brand and get conversions just by digital interactions? Are you someone who is willing to make their family business digitally sound? Learning digital in and out will help you accomplish all your future goals. From getting the audience to sales (for your business or the brand you are working for), there is nothing you can’t achieve with the power of digital.

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Why is PNJ Academy Best Choice For Digital Marketing?

PNJ Sharptech is an award-winning company that provides digital marketing training in Noida, India. Our flexible timings and different modes of learning i.e. classroom teaching and online classes offer convenience to students. This comprehensive course curriculum is designed by leading & word-class digital experts who have great industry exposure for years. The leading digital practitioners constitute our faculty pool. The students can get hands-on skills and mentorships from digital professionals. The digital ecosystem at PNJ inspires the students and makes them thrive to learn and execute to achieve professional success. We believe in producing strong digital candidates with high-income skills so that they are never out of opportunities.

PNJ Academy Is Exactly What You Need Right Now For Your Digital Marketing Career

At PNJ, our focus is not to overwhelm you with digital marketing disciplines and tools knowledge. We are more committed to making you a skilled professional. Tools will come and go but knowledge will stay forever. When you learn a discipline we tell you how you can make the most out of it. You learn the mechanism and thought process behind it and implement your learning’s. What sets us apart from other digital marketing institutes is that we do not leave you behind once the course is over. You get a 100% internship in our institute and we help you either start your own business or join a good workplace. So don’t consider joining us as one of your summer vacation plans, we can mold you into a deserving candidate demanded by the industry.


What’s Our Students Saying


1What is the course structure?

The course structure is designed in a comprehensive manner where you will get to know the basics first then eventually move on to an advanced level. With 13 modules & practical training, you will attain digital marketing mastery in 6 months.

2 Who will be the faculty for this Digital Marketing Course?

Our faculty list is filled with great minds from the digital sphere. Yes, you will get a chance to learn from those who are pioneers in their respective fields. They are the people who have delivered results for businesses, enterprises, and startups for decades now. You will have their complete attention and access to their knowledge and experience.

3What Certificate Will I Receive?

You will get a course completion certificate from us once you successfully go through all the modules. In case you join an internship at our company, you will get an internship certificate too.

4 What kind of career assistance will I get?

You will get job assistance and guarantee both. Yes, once you complete the course you will be placed in PNJ sharp tech after a small internship period. In case you wish to apply in other sectors, we will help you draft industry-standard resumes, take mock online, help you practice for interviews, etc.

5 How much time do I need to spend to do well in this course?

The most important thing is that you must be present in all the classes to do well. In terms of timing, you need to dedicate 6-8 hours weekly to finish this course smoothly. You can always take the back up classes in case you miss any.

6 Can I learn this Digital Marketing through my City?

Yes, you can be a part of our online classes. We have the same module online too. All you have to do is choose the timing slots available, pay for the course, and start with them.

Are You Still Confused ?

If you are still confused, let's have a short discussion over call. We'ld love to connect, over call.

Career Assistance

1 What Kind of Career Support Can I Expect from this Digital Marketing Course?

You can expect 100% support from us. We are here to provide the digital marketing industry highly skilled professionals. We teach you, train you, help with a resume, and guide you on how to go through this whole process. Being a part of our course, we will give you complete knowledge which is essential to pass an interview and all the real-time experience you will gain during course hours will help you make an impression on the HRs. We start training you for industry from day 1.

2 What is the Difference Between Job Assistance and Job Guarantee in this Digital Marketing Course?

Once you join our digital marketing course you will get a chance to apply in our network as a digital marketing professional. We help you prepare for the interviews and give you access to online mockups. You will be provided with industry-related course material that will help with cracking the interview. All the online applications you will learn and implement in the class is a great show for during your interview. The job guarantee is 100%. You will be placed in PNJ sharp tech after completing the internship here first.

3 What if I can't secure a job through this course?

Our professional academy is more about execution than mugging up the course with no actual implementation experience. You will learn and apply every single day in class and after course completion; we will give you exposure on how to handle the interviews. Thus, it is highly unlikely that you don’t land a job. In case you are unable to crack a job, we will keep you as an intern and train you and you can join a job at PNJ. In case you struggle we will provide more assistance. After all, there is always a hero in making all we do is give a little push.

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