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Professional Security Solutions for Homes and Businesses

ADX Security specializes in complete solutions for 21st century security problems. Based in British Columbia, Canada, at the front lines of modern security challenges, ADX Security draws on experience and knowledge to deliver innovative solutions that bring peace of mind for clients in the residential, commercial and government sectors.

Serving the Greater Vancouver metro area since 1998, experts at ADX Security lead a team of knowledgeable engineers and highly trained technicians to solve a range of security scenarios through on-site consultation, system design and installation of the latest technology. From security and video surveillance to intercoms to access management and control, ADX Security offers the most trusted security brands, backed up by expertise and commitment to outstanding customer service.

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ADX Security is the premiere partner for complete security solutions.

Design and Engineering

Without proper design and engineering, a system is nothing more than a collection of components. ADX Security expert team of designers will create a system that is perfect for your home. Then the engineering team is there to dot the “i’s,” cross the “t’s” and provide your builder with all the documentation that they require. Finally when the system is ready to go, our installation team takes over. Throughout the entire process we maintain constant communication with the client, the architect, interior designer, builder and any other sub-trades.

Commercial Audio/Video & Lighting Control

When you require Commercial Audio Video, Integrated Control Systems and Distributed Sound and Video, ADX Security will provide the perfect solution for your environment and budget. Just as important, consistent reliability and after sales service is paramount.

Quality Wiring

Modern technologies are driving the need for improved wiring, both in homes and offices. We understand what our customers demand, and install only highest quality products. Quality wiring is essential. Whether you are looking for a complete wiring job, or you need to add a few outlets, we will be glad to do it for you.
Structured Wiring provides the required foundation for complete home and business automation. A quality structured wiring installation ensures optimal performance of audio-video equipment and control devices. Smart structured wiring architecture provides flexibility and compatibility for future improvements and changing needs.
ADX Security provides the Ottawa-Gatineau area with a wide variety of wiring customized to fit any business or home needs and requirements. Our service includes, but not limited to these type of wiring:


ADX Security CCTV line of products is a proven product for reducing crime and theft. ADX Security is able to provide CCTV Systems ranging from a simple four camera system suitable for a small office or retail outlet, through to a large multi-site application with full functional cameras and multiple control positions.
An access control system consists of a number of access points which either grant access or deny access to your staff or visitors. An access point is usually a door with an electro mechanical door lock, but can be a turnstile or a car park barrier and is controlled via an electronic keypad or card.
Electronic keypads can be programmed to allow entry on the input of a valid code and are usually the most simple of access systems. The next level of security is the card based system where each person is issued with a unique coded card which must be presented to the card reader to allow access through the door.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar alarm systems tailored to your home security needs.
ADX Security is a leader in Installing and maintaining a professional alarm system on any property can be added trouble to the owners. ADX Security offers an alarm fitting and maintenance service to help protect your property or establishment.

Business and Commercial Property Alarm Systems

An intruder alarm system for your business or commercial property may be insurance or a risk assessment necessity.
At ADX Security we can install simple security systems in the smallest properties to large multi zoned, multi level properties which require fully intelligent systems able to satisfy the demands of large numbers of authorized staff users who may enter and leave the building at differing times and in different areas.
Our business security systems can include intruder detection, CCTV, access control and retail security, each tailored to individual businesses from the smallest to the largest. Systems can be simple audible only installations, or fully equipped remote signaling police call systems through to a 24 hour manned alarm receiving centre.
Integrated electronic security for leisure venues, without compromising the welcoming atmosphere
Theatres, cinemas, pubs, clubs, restaurants, and sports centers are the kinds of places people visit to relax and enjoy themselves. The last thing they want to be aware of is the need for security.
ADX Security can provide a range of integrated leisure security solutions to make sure your staff and customers are protected but your premises are still welcoming.
ADX Security can design and install an integrated leisure security solution for all your needs, from access control systems and intruder alarms to CCTV and key response, with minimum impact upon your facilities and customers.

Home Intruder Alarms

When you choose ADX , you can be certain that our burglar alarm systems comply with the latest industry standards. Our well known track record is a prominent approval as a leader in providing home security, business security and fire safety services.
Our gold member status guarantees that we work to the highest recognized security industry standards as demanded by the emergency services and insurance industry. Many homes and businesses are protected by burglar alarms installed, monitored and maintained by ADX security. Our cost effective intruder alarm systems are designed to deter potential intruders and can be adapted to your individual home security needs and budget.

Wireless burglar alarm systems

Q-Protects wire free home security systems are installed discreetly with minimum disruption and will not detract from your home decoration.
The easy to use wireless alarm system control panel is unobtrusive, stylish and modern. To view a comparison of our wireless packages, please see the link to our Packages Table, below.
If movement is detected and the alarm is not quickly acknowledged by the homeowner, the system automatically notifies the ADX Security alarm receiving centre, where trained operators are on duty round the clock, ready to take the necessary action.

Access Control Systems

We utilize all the modern technologies including digital, card swipe and proximity control, and make use of a wide range of complimentary specialist electric locks.
Control access to your home and discourage theft.
ADX Security access control systems offer complete flexibility. Our electronic access control systems range from basic voice and video entry phones, to pin-number and swipe-card operated locks.

Reliable and easy to use door access control equipment

ADX Security will design the best access control system to fit your needs. Whether you are seeking to control access to an entire building or just a single door, we can customize the system and train your staff in the use and management of the system.

Electronic door access control locks

After assessing your access control system, we can determine which electronic locks best suit your needs and have the ability to fully integrate them into your current system. We offer concealed electronic locks as well as surface ones and all of our offerings are compatible with all conventional access control systems.

Door access control readers

According to your home security preferences, we can install PIN or proximity readers to allow authorized entry into your home.
Various authority levels can be set to control access to certain parts of a building for authorized system users, an access control feature favored by many property managers.

PIN readers

PIN readers restrict access by requiring entrants to enter a four or six digit code. Most access control systems allow for multiple users and the codes can be altered as the situation demands.
Call now on +1 604 306 2200 for more information about Access Control Systems for your home or business.

Media Rooms and Home Cinema

Drawing from our most advanced technologies, our Home Cinema ranges are designed with one aim in mind: to lift you out of your seat and throw you into the heart of the action. It's the authentic private cinema experience in your own home. Popcorn not included.

Board Room Professional Solutions

ADX Security can transform your boardroom into centers of interactive learning. With the right solution, conferencing becomes a visual, interactive experience, and keeping records of meetings is effortless. Teamwork becomes a collaborative, inclusive process that produces valuable ideas.

Digital Signage

ADX Security is a provider of software and hardware for digital signage installations around the world. As a technology, digital signage represents an effective alternative for communicating with customers, employees and clientele. ADX Security is committed to the success of its partners, resellers and customers. It aids in their success through effective product development, superb hardware design and manufacturing and stellar support. Our company’s mission is to enable the business convergence of digital display owners, advertisers and consumers.
ADX Security has installed and supports thousands of players in various markets, including education, retail, financial, service stations, department stores, hospitality and medical facilities. The company is privately held and headquartered in British Columbia, Canada.
ADX Security offers state-of-the-art digital signage products, exceptional customer service, and engaging partner programs. Companies and organizations that are deploying digital signage networks of all sizes rely on ADX Security and Sound.

  • Up-and-running in quickly. All our digital signage products are easy to deploy and use.
  • No expertise required. All products feature an intuitive web-based interface that ensures smooth product management without requiring your IT staff to be an expert in a particular solution.
  • Technical support. Specially trained support technicians are available to answer customer calls and provide superior support.
  • Software updates. Every digital signage player and server appliance comes backed by automatic features updates which ensure continuous operation and up-to-the-minute functionality.
  • Licensing fees. ADX Security offers a variety of licensing options to accommodate your budget, making it the most affordable digital signage solutions available.
Our product portfolio includes a variety of digital signage players and servers specifically designed to fit your particular needs. Combining its own advanced technology with powerful, software, ADX Security delivers an easy to use and comprehensive digital signage solution to support small, medium and enterprise digital signage networks. The digital signage server backend allows you to manage large digital signage networks and provide departments or 3rd party companies, like advertisers or location owners, to interact with your digital signage network. Please Call now +1-604-306-2200 for your digital signage solutions.